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We Are Studio 58

Founded in 2023 by husband and wife creative duo Whimsy and JD Collins, Studio 58 is an eclectic, artist focused gallery blending traditional beach art with the cutting edge creativity of big city art galleries. 

Current Artists 

Whimsy  Collins

Curator, Mixed Media Artist

Whimsy's art ranges from floral illustrations to robots in space. They like to play around with differnt media and create art that makes them happy and doesn't take itself to serious.

Jenn Charkrow

Mixed Media Artist

Jenn started her journey in 2010 after she was laid off from her corporate design job. At the time I was really interested in Eco-fashion but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. Her work is darker, edgier with a twist of punk rock. Her emphasis is not only on style but also on the environment. 

JD Collins

Resin Artist

JD is a resin artist he focused on how color can make new creations. His work is playful, fun and childlike and takes inspiration from tie dye and pop culture.

Adda Christine Dahlke


Adda Christine Dahlke is a

Photo Impressionist who lives in

Hoquiam, Washington.


Adda takes her photography to a different realm through the use

of alternative angles, props, digital editing techniques and

special lighting.

“Abstract photography allows me to use my camera, not to

represent or duplicate something, but to create a feeling,

sensation, or emotion through the use of shapes, angles, color,

textures, light and shadows.”

Evan Roy Dahlke

Abstract Painter

The art of Evan Roy Dahlke reflects his

own zest for living. Evan’s signature

abstract landscapes (aka “abscapes”)

with their vibrant colors and bold

textures please the eye and inspire the

soul. Evan’s paintings are created with

a minimum of twenty five layers, a

patient journey that transpires as he

searches for the final spoken word, the

truth and the passionate meaning of

each work.


Evan’s distinctive approach pulls the viewer into the art to feel the energy and vibrancy residing

there. Constantly challenging himself to experiment with new techniques and ways of layering

the products, Evan enjoys producing unique one-of-a kind works of art. His work is inspired by

life experiences, God’s creation and Biblical events. Evan has earned a solid reputation as an

artist, showcasing his works in multiple markets from coast to coast since 2007. Evan loves

bringing beauty, peace and joy into people’s homes through his art.

    Kassandra Davis


    Kassandra Davis is a cartoonist, practicing for fifteen years and graduated from Cornish College of the Arts- yes, she does bring that up into every conversation because art school is expensive and she’s getting her money’s worth. Most well-known for her long-running Mockery and Vodka webcomic it has since June of 2019 evolved into a publication which acts as a home for all her comic creations of various subject matter and tone.  

    Being a queer Gothic cartoonist coexisting with Depression and Anxiety, she is never lacking a sense of humor laced with punches of snark and levity. Her current work spans from slice of life narratives to fantastical portraits of fictional characters, all of which provides personal and social commentaries she hopes the viewer and reader enjoy and take something away from.

    Kelsey Garland

    Resin, paintings, mixed media

    Kelsey’s creations merge nature and fantasy, depicting a whimsical realm where wildlife and human kind embrace one another. Her  paintings often show a figure consumed by mother nature, dissolving back into the planet they were created by. 


    Kelsey grew up in the Pacific Northwest and live in the Tacoma/Graham area with her husband and two boys. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a Fine Art degree and has since been perfecting her creative skills and working as a commission artist. 

    Amy Rae Hill


    Amy Rae Hill is a ceramic painter whose work depicts dramatic celestial scenes on pottery.

    Lora Malakoff

    Jewelry, Oil painter

    Lora Malakoff describes herself as, “an artist struggling to find space in my busy life to create.”

    She began painting at a very young age and by the time she was 14 she was a selling artist in galleries from Seattle to Anchorage. 

    In her early 20’s she moved to Washington State from her home in Alaska in pursuit of a career as a graphic designer. Lora attended the Art Institute of Seattle majoring in visual communications, it was there she truly fell in love with graphic design. 

    Now in her 50’s, Lora always finds time to paint, design jewelry, sculpt, teach workshops. She is also a sculptress, her most noted is a 15 foot guitar sculpture for the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park in Aberdeen and she has several pieces at the Westport Winery Sculpture Garden in Aberdeen. 

    She supports the local arts guilds and foundations and recently was a director on the board of the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. She participates in a few arts festivals each year as well as several gallery showings. Malakoff’s artwork is available at the Aldergrove Gallery in Aberdeen Washington, Timothy Rossow Gallery in Ocean Shores and now is pleased to be represented at Studio 58 in Pacific Beach.

    Gavin Miller

    Acrylic, aerosol painting

    Karin Phifer

    Jewellery, acrylic painting, textiles

    Karin is best known for her whimsical work that takes cues from the real world but transitions to an imaginative sphere 

    Stephen Phifer

    Wood sculptures

    Stephen works primarily with wood and particularly driftwood, washed onto the beaches of Washington state.

    Skip Radcliffe


    Skip was born & raised in Enumclaw. Worked for his parents at their lumber & hardware store. Nelson Lumber & Hardware. After his parents retired & sold their business Skip went to work for TRM Lumber in Maple Valley for 20+ years.
    Skip spent many hours learning woodworking & photography from his father John Radcliffe!
    After TRM Skip moved to Spokane County and went to work with longtime family friends on their family farm. It was there he met his wife Carol. They married in 2008. In 2009 they came to Ocean Shores for a small vacation and within three months they bought a house and moved there permanently in September 2009! Skip has worked for Anchor Ave Thrift Store & is currently working for Ace Hardware in OS.

    Stephanie Scottt

    Oil paintings

    Stephanie Scott is an abstract oil painter living and working in Seattle, WA. Her vivid geometric work is made of symbolic color and hard edged shapes. Each painting takes a deep emotional subject and translates it into precise gradients and thoughtfully measured lines.

    Vanessa Steinhilb

    Digital, oil paints, mixed media

    Vanessa’s paintings exist in the margins between analogue and digital. All of the images are stolen (scavenged) and all of the images are sacred. She pulls from marginality, her own autobiography, in the images she creates, in the way she sees the world. She prefers to hover in the margins, taking in the room, observing what is happening from the sidelines. It is safer there, with the crows and the raccoons and the foxes and the coyotes who scavenge the urban sprawl. In the margins we are free. 


    Matt Wardian


    After more than 30 years of experience as an art director in the commercial field, Matt has transitioned to image creation for fine art using a combination of photography, illustration and digital techniques. He is inspired by nature, design and the power of storytelling through imagery. His work captures the ethos and emotion of our environment with his unique perspective and personal interpretation of art that surrounds us. 

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